Massa Lubrense is a small city located on the external side of the Sorrento Peninsula.

A beautiful place surrounded by the greenery and sea landscapes where you can easily find timeless glimpses of nature. An outstanding land, a real pearl of the coast!

There is a moving view from the highest hill of Massa Lubrense, Monte San Costanzo, which gives the viewer a whole panorama of the coast, from the island of Capri to the Gulf of Salerno, to the Gulf of Naples with its majestic Vesuvius.

Why not be inspired by the heart-breaking skyline of Ieranto Bay or Punta Campanella?

Punta Campanella, for the curious ones, is the most external peak on the seaside, a living testimony of the ancient civilizations’ glorious past: on this promontory – a few meters from the sea – there was an important place of worship consecrated to the goddess Minerva, patron of the sailors. Here, myth and reality bind together: tradition says that Ulysses crossed Punta Campanella during his journey to Ithaca.

Ancient Latin authors, such as Pliny the Elder, reveal us that the Ieranto Bay was the Sirens’ home, a meeting place between them and the protagonist of the Odyssey. As the archaeological evidence found in the area shows, people have lived here since the beginning of time.

In order to safeguard the peninsula’s natural heritage, both marine and terrestrial, they created Parco Marino in the 1990s, another place of natural beauty in the geographical area of Punta Campanella.

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Same as Vico Equense, Massa Lubrense is characterized by a large number of small villages all scattered throughout the territory and connected by a single road.

The biggest one is the village of Sant’Aganta sui due Golfi (“upon two gulfs”). As the name may suggest, the village lies on a hill between the gulfs of Naples and Salerno, a strategic position from where it is possible to admire both coasts. The other small and scenic suburbs are Torca, Pastena, Acquara, Santa Maria Annunziata. This last one is particularly interesting because of the presence of Villa Murat. From here, Gioacchino Murat conducted the revolution to conquer the island of Capri during the Neapolitan Republic.

We also suggest visiting the lovely village of Schiazzano, the most touristic Nerano and the village of Monticchio. Here, it is treasured the eighteenth-century monastery dedicated to the Madonna of the Rosary. In this monastery, you can find a wonderful and invaluable example of the majolica’s art, a very suggestive work by the so-called artist “riggiolaro” Ignazio Chiaiese (in Neapolitan the “riggìola” is the typical hand-decorated tile).

Small square - Massa Lubrense

Finally yet importantly, the village of Termini with its astonishing view of Capri. From here, you can reach Punta Campanella and the small Byzantine hermitage on the top of Monte San Costanzo. Waiting for the sunrise on this hill is the most unique experience that you can have in the summer.

What makes these places even more fascinating and full of magic is certainly the dense connection of paths that binds all of them together. This is the ideal place for long walks along Mediterranean flora paths. A must for trekking lovers!

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