Before getting to Sorrento, another country awaits us for a warm welcome: we are talking about Sant’Agnello!

We can describe its history as recent enough if we take into account the year it obtained the autonomy from Sorrento, in 1866. Yet, the farmhouses around here have centuries-old history and only due to the wilfulness of the inhabitants of these ancient villages, Sant’Agnello gained its independence at the time.

History of the struggle for independence is well described by the composition of the municipal coat of arms: five towers representing the five districts that compose the town: Angri, Tordara-Trasaella, Cappuccini, Maiano and Colli di Fontanelle.

The motto that accompanies the coat of arms, “Post Nubila Phoebus” (After the clouds, the Sun) wisely indicates the patriotic spirit and the struggle for independence of the Santanellese (that’s the name of this people) during the pre-unification times in Italy.

city ​​emblem of the Municipality of Sant'Agnello
Rione Angri Sant'Agnello - About Sorrento
Glimpse of Angri district in Sant'Agnello

In the entire peninsula, this town is the only one bearing the name of its patron saint, Sant’Agnello from Napoli, which is celebrated on December 14th.

In this regard, we are pleased to quote a popular saying related to this occasion: “In Sant’Aniello, nu passo ‘e pecuriello” (In Sant’Agnello, a step of lamb), indicating the slow and progressive lengthening of the hours of light during the day.

Today we know that the solstice is conventionally set for December 21. Yet, this ancient peasant saying testifies the need, at the time, to mark the phases of the year and it is evidence for a time that precedes the Gregorian calendar revolution, occurred in the last quarter of the sixteenth century.

Church of Saint Prisco and Saint Agnello - About Sorrento
Church of Saint Prisco and Angello - Sant'Agnello

Sant’Agnello certainly is a perfect compromise for those who want to have a relaxing and peaceful stay without giving up the convenience of having Sorrento just a few minutes away by car or, why not, a walk on foot.

During the summer, it offers the opportunity of enjoying relaxing baths by the sea and taking part in events and festivals where you can taste typical local products.

The tranquillity of the upper area of ​​Sant’Agnello allows the visitor to admire the surrounding nature characterized by the typical Sorrento vegetable gardens and walks on foot in the heart of the Angri district – the ancient historic centre – is an indispensable experience for the eyes and mind.

It is a unique sensation to walk in the labyrinth of narrow streets in the district and, raising your nose up high, admire the tuff and piperno portals of the ancient buildings, giving the visitors the impression of a magically crystallized time.

And, keeping on that way,  how wonderful to see the horizon and then be able to look out onto the splendid terrace overlooking the sea, known as the Terrazza della Marinella.  How wonderful to admire the tophaceous coast all around with ecstatic eyes and, in front, the Vesuvius.

Whether it’s day or sunset, it’s an experience that warms the heart!

What to see in Sant'Agnello