Going On an Adventure


My name is Emalee Pennington, and I am from Arizona in the US. 

I am completing a five-week internship at About Sorrento with the CISAbroad and Sant’Anna Institute. I am so excited to be here!

First Impressions

Sorrento is a beautiful town on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Its colorful yellow, white, brick-red, buildings face the Bay of Naples. Cobblestone roads weave around buildings and lead down alleyways to stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Everyone is excited to soak in these sights and memories.

It is a peaceful bubble like many small towns.

The sunshine is invigorating, and the wind from the sea is a refreshing cold kick to the face on a humid day.

The plants are lush and green, and everyone works together to create a tiny patch of peace in a chaotic world.

Exploring the Captivating Nature and Views

An unexpected thing about Sorrento is nature and people living in harmony.

Vines and leaves poke out of many cracks in a sturdy wall.

The plants climb over balconies and pots and worm their way over hills. The food that sprouts from these plants is vibrant.

Fruits and vegetables catch its viewers’ eye as they sit in a grocery store.

I am from a dry and hot desert, the bright greenery is foreign to me.

But the homey feeling I get from these plants and buildings welcomes me.

Everything flows and comes together to create a beautiful picture no matter where someone goes.

Exploring this picture is fun. I have explored almost all of this place and it feels so homey no matter the place.

The busy streets give way to stores with endless supplies of lemon products like Sorrento’s famous alcoholic drink, the limoncello.

But these sights are only a fraction of the bustling culture of Sorrento.

Eating Pasta, Pizza, and Sandwiches

Restaurants are neighbors to shops and the ocean.

The smell of food and outdoor menus entice people from everywhere to try their food.

I too walked into several of these restaurants to walk out satisfied and happy with the delicious food.

Pasta and pizza restaurants rule the streets, but sandwich shops and other varieties are out there.

The food on beautiful plates builds a comforting and safe atmosphere around its guests, offering a tasty experience to all.

Plans For the Future

Even though my time here is short, I plan to do many exciting things.

I intend to explore the entirety of town, its history, and its neighboring cities and islands.

It will be a short trip but one I am more than grateful for.