The ancient fountain of “Schizzariello” on Via San Cesareo, characterized by a very faint water jet (hence the name “Schizzariello”), entirely made of marble, depicts two marine creatures with wide-open mouths.

For centuries, this fountain has been a reference point and meeting place in the surrounding area, renamed Sedil Dominova due to the presence of the ancient noble seat.

The area still today affectionately retains the toponym “Mmiez’ o Schizzariello“.

Thanks to a delicate restoration intervention, it has regained its original appearance with the repositioning of the pinnacles and the city emblem, now faithfully following the paintings by Theodore Duclère from 1861.

schizzariello fountain sorrento

These elements were entirely missing: the former were no longer visible in late 19th-century photos, and the emblem was presumably stolen around 1960.

A recent anecdote recounts that, originally, the fountain was located right next to the Sedil Dominova.

After the Second World War, it was moved about a hundred meters, reportedly by a municipal administrator of the time, solely for the pleasure of having it closer to his residence.

Schizzariello fountain sorrento historical centre