Unveiling Magnificent Views of Amalfi Coast and Mythical Charms"

Though I did not encounter Jupiter, Apollo, Juno, or Neptune, the Path of the Gods hike (Sentiero degli Dei, in italian) was nothing short of magnificent

Il Sentiero degli Dei is a renowned hiking trail that snakes along the Amalfi Coast.

According to the mythology within The Odyssey, the gods took this path to save Odysseus from Sirens that lived in the nearby archipelago called Li Galli.   

Additionally, the trail derives from the stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Positano, and Capri: beauty worthy of gods.     

Plus, the commute to the trail is about an hour from Sorrento, making Il Sentiero degli Dei the perfect daytime activity.

This trail is so unique because of its vast range of scenery!

There are views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, lush forests, sky-scraping cliffs of the Lattari Mountains, and abundant flower and cacti groves.

I could say that there are very few other places that can match Il Sentiero degli Dei’s beauty.

Stunning Trails & Transportation Tips

I found hiking Il Sentiero degli Dei to be a fantastic change of pace from all the beautiful beaches I have seen so far. This was a great way to spend time outdoors, while trying out a new adventure.    

To begin the hike, my friends and I started at the point in Bomerano (a small town inside of Agerola), which is the most popular starting point to start the hike.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for transportation to the start of the trail.

For example, my friends and I elected to take a taxi from the Sorrento Train Station to right outside of the Bomerano trail start.

The taxi was very convenient because the drive was about one hour long, however, taxis can be expensive. 

The SITA bus is another, more economical option.

The busride would include taking the bus to Amalfi, switching buses, and then riding the bus to Agerola.

However, while tickets are more cost-effective, the commute by bus can range from an hour and a half to three hours depending on bus schedules and delays. 

While researching alternative transportation routes, we learned that a shorter SITA bus can be taken to a different starting point in Praiano, but the incline is a bit steeper at the beginning of this point (about 30 minutes uphill) than the starting point in Bomerano.

If you are an experienced or professional hiker who is looking for a challenge, perhaps this trail start is right for you.      

Aerial Ocean Views, Wildlife Encounters, and Beginner-Friendly Trails

Once arriving at the start of the trail, you will most likely immediately understand the name ‘Il Sentiero degli Dei’.

Since the path is so elevated, we had wonderful aerial views of the ocean for a majority of the hike, and you can see entire towns as you pass by.

During this time, we saw not only the beautiful scenery but also wildlife, such as farm animals, and even cats along the way!

In the very first 20 minutes, we spotted sheep grazing on the cliffside and passed a local man walking a donkey on the trail. 

Beginner-Friendly Trails, Clear Markings and Convenient Amenities

As for the hiking itself, I would say this hike is certainly achievable for many beginner and intermediate hikers.

There are slight inclines at places and the pathway is made up of rocks that may shift or need to be stepped around, which can make the hike a bit more challenging. 

I did find the rocks to be slippery at times from being worn down and smoothed by so much foot traffic, so I would recommend keeping trees or the man-made railings nearby for stability if needed.

Besides these few things, the pathway easy to follow and clearly marked with directions.

All you have to do is follow the signs for which town you are hiking towards.

We were hiking towards Nocelle, so we followed the signs that had ‘Nocelle’ written on them.

Plus, I was surprised by the amount of covered portions of the trail, so there are patches of shade along the way, one of which my friends and I took advantage of to eat a few snacks and rehydrate. 

There was access to water fountains at the beginning and end of the trail, in case you may run out of water while hiking.

As we continued on and reached a little past the halfway point of the hike, the colorful buildings of Positano came into view.

The closer Positano becomes, the closer you are to the end of the path!

The end of the path is in Nocelle, you’ll find yourself at an open platform with an amazing seaside view.

When we reached this endpoint, there was a small stand selling much-needed lemon goodies, such as lemon granita (an icy, lemon-flavored dessert) to help cool down after a long hike.

the path of the gods positano, amalfi coast

A Lifetime Hiking Experience

To return to Sorrento, my friends and I decided to take the ferry leaving from the port of Positano, which was around a 25-30 minute walk.

However, much of the walk to Positano is downhill stairs (about 1,500 stairs), so it may be a bit taxing after hiking.


If you would rather not have to walk into Positano’s center, SITA bus stops are available closer to the trail’s end.

I would recommend buying bus tickets before starting you hike because there is not a tabaccherie or other small shop that sells tickets nearby.  

Overall, we started the hike at 10:00 and finished the trek down the stairs around 14:00.

Including the entire trail and the walk into Positano, we walked roughly 7.2 km (4.5 miles).

This time and distance will vary greatly depending on your pace and where you decide to end! 

I hiked Il Sentiero degli Dei with about a week left in my time here in Sorrento, and I am so grateful I was able to find the time to complete this hike before returning home.

All of Sorrento is so beautiful, but the mix of sceneries and views of the sea from the trail could not be seen anywhere else, making the magic of the trail and its mythological lore feel very real.

A presto,