Ciao everyone!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a unique and notable art gallery in Sorrento.

SyArt Gallery is unique to Sorrento because it is the only gallery that is dedicated to contemporary art.

It was something I was surprised to see in this smaller town where a lot of spaces are dedicated to more historical related items and art, nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise.

Exploring Sorrento's Art Scene

I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Rossella Savarese, the co-owner (with Leone Cappiello) and curator of SyArt Gallery.

I asked her some questions to find out more about the gallery and better understand what it means to be in this art world of Sorrento.

The gallery itself is wonderful.

It’s in the heart of Sorrento and it’s the perfect amount of space to feel like you can truly take in and admire the art while not feeling lost in a big room.

There is a main room when you first walk in with pieces lined on the walls and on some shelving, and there is also a downstairs with more breathtaking works to marvel over.

A Unique Blend of Contemporary Masterpieces in the Heart of Sorrento

One of my favorite aspects of the gallery is the fact that there is also something called “Sorrento Outdoor Museum”.

When strolling through the main area of Sorrento, you can find many sculptures and artworks that are a part of this museum through SyArt. This part of the gallery started in 2018

The artist known as Tvboy was chosen to kick off the start of these pieces with the mural “Sorrento Loves Art”.

This mural is located right near the gallery, next to the entrance of Villa Comunale; so it’s also right in the heart of Sorrento!

Three famous Italian personalities with a connection to Sorrento are depicted: the singer Lucio Dalla, the actress Sophia Loren, and the tenor Enrico Caruso.

I pass this piece nearly everyday, and each time I look at it I notice something different about it. 

There are a few other outdoor pieces throughout Sorrento, and this map points them out for you so you can see them for yourself!

Bridging Sorrento's Past with Contemporary Splendor - A Stroll Through Art and Culture

SyArt works with artists internationally, not just those from Italy, which was amazing to learn.

I also just find it really inspiring that they’ve brought contemporary art to Sorrento and given it a space to flourish, not only in the walls of the gallery but also throughout the town.

I didn’t expect to see much of this style of art when coming to Italy, but I’m so glad I did.

It has a very personal aspect to it, one that leaves you wondering and wanting more when you start walking through the gallery. 

"SyArt Sorrento Festival" and future projects

As for the future of SyArt, there is plenty more to come.

They just recently finished their 7th exhibition “SyArt Sorrento Festival – this one taking place at Villa Fiorentino – and they are already looking ahead for what’s to come in 2024.

The art sector is constantly changing and adapting, so being a curator and art historian requires a lot of attention to the evolution in the art world.

Any news or updates regarding SyArt’s Agenda for 2024 can be found on their website and/or their social media pages

I had such a blast experiencing this gallery and all it has to offer, and especially being able to chat with the lovely Rossella Savarese!