Living here in Sorrento for the past two months has been an absolute joy.

I’ve come to realize there is nothing quite like this small town, no matter how many different places I visit on the weekends.

Enjoying the little things is so much easier to do because it’s a pleasure just being here.

One of my favorite “little things” are sweet treats, and Italy is the best place to be for them.

Sant’Anna provides a wide range of so many fun activities for us students to do in our free time.

My personal favorites of them, unsurprisingly, are the ones that deal with dessert.

One of the best ones in my opinion was being able to attend a gelato making class at “Gelateria David” here in Sorrento!

A Taste of Italy: Gelato Making

My lovely roommate Grayson (in the picture above) helped with a lot of the tasks in the class and we got a step-by-step tutorial on how to make our own gelato!

It was a full hands-on class and everyone got to participate, which was super fun.

We made lemon gelato and learned that a sorbet is still considered gelato.

In Italy, gelato has two categories – Cream gelato and Sorbet gelato.

David gave a lot of cool tid-bits of information like that throughout the whole class.

It was a super fun experience to hear from a local business owner and also be able to make our own, and then eat it/

At the end, we were given our own certificate of participation and one more serving of gelato of our choice!

I highly recommend trying the gelato class with David, or at least stopping by to try some on your own.

It’s a super cute place and the atmosphere is top-tier. It’s my number one choice for gelato now!

Sweet Moments: Lemon Cookie Making

While it’s so fun and a great time to get out and explore Sorrento and visit small businesses like we did with gelato making, it’s also just as amazing when there’s activities at Sant’Anna itself.

I’m so lucky to have found a group of friends here in Sorrento that love doing the activities with me, and Grayson is a perfect example of one of them!

Anytime the Sant’Anna activity calendar is posted, my friends and I all rush to see what’s coming up for the next week and compare our schedules.

When we saw cookie baking, we made sure we could attend!

One because of our shared love for any dessert, but also because things like this are also about bonding and the moments you’re spending with the people around you!

Just like lemon gelato, we made lemon sugar cookies with lemon glaze on top.

So many things here on the coast are lemon, and I can’t get enough of it!

I’m so excited to see what other things we do here with Sant’Anna and just in Sorrento in general, as well as what other treats we eat!