The Fisherman's Village of Marina Grande

Living at the Sant’Anna Institute I overlook the rooftops of the terracotta and light yellow buildings that are housed in the historic Marina Grande.

Marina Grande is a small fisherman’s village filled with some of the most fantastic seafood restaurants, boating and swimming areas as well as a rich history.

The landscape that surrounds the area is breathtaking as it is the perfect combination of mountain sculptures and blue sea.

The Patron Saint: Sant'Anna

Sant’Anna, also known as the mother of Mary, struggled to have a child.

She prayed and was promised a daughter.

Marina Grande’s patron saint is Sant’Anna who represents women in childbirth as well as the protection of fishermen.

A church built in her honor is housed in the heart of Marina Grande and can easily be spotted by its intricate yellow and green patterned dome.

I am lucky enough to spot it each day from the Sant’Anna Institute’s balcony!

Sant'Anna Celebration

The Sant’Anna festivities are organized by the local church and run from July 26th to the Monday immediately after the feast. For 2023, was July 31st.

To start the festival this year Marina Grande was illuminated with the most intricate light arches.

Bright yellow, green, purple, and blue arches illuminate the way to the church of Sant’Anna where special masses have been held hourly throughout the week.

After the church, there are red and orange flower-shaped light figures that line the rest of the village. The detail and pure enchantment of the lights are indescribable.

The first day of the feast, July 26th, is held to celebrate Sant’Anna and her husband Joaquin when they were able to convince the Virgin Mary after the angels answered their prayers.

This is also the day that the lights were illuminated for the first time.

During these day the streets are lined with candy stands, crepes, street corn, neon lights, and arcade games.

It was so interesting to see that some of the arcade games that are popular in the United States were included in this festival.

A game similar to the milk bottle game in America where you try to shoot the can down for a prize was there as well as the “Spider Machine” which is identical to the claw machine game.

The array of candy was truly mouthwatering and the gummy candies I tried were some of the best I have ever had.

My favorite part of this festival has been the fireworks that are launched each night.

Approximately five fireworks are set off each night as a way to represent the Holy Spirit and the Angels signifying their descent to Heaven.


The Statue of Sant'Anna in procession

The Sunday following the Festival -this year July 30- is a special day for the Marina Grande community as this is when the Procession occurs.

During this procession the statue of Sant’Anna is carried throughout the town.

A band plays and people will follow as they parade through Marina Grande to the hospital and back as a way to symbolize the protection of those in the area.

I was in awe as I watched this parade as it was unlike anything I have seen before but was so powerful to watch.

The Firework Show: the grand finale!

On Monday, the last day of the festival, there is a grand firework show that illuminates the sky.

This was unlike any fireworks show I had ever seen, the Fourth of July in America could never compare to these fireworks. It was more magical than Disney Land!

Trust me: if you are in Sorrento at this time, this is an experience not to be missed!