A Memorable Italian Experience!

Ciao everyone!

I had the best time at Piano di Sorrento’s San Michele Festival this past Thursday!

This was my first festival outside of America so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was so excited!

I went with a group of students from Sant’Anna; the outing was one of our exploring Sorrento activities of the week. 

We hopped on the train to Piano di Sorrento and we were off!

It was just two short stops away from Sorrento’s main station and I always enjoy the scenery on these train rides, even if they are pretty short.

A Taste of Italy: San Michele Festival

When we arrived in Piano it was just a couple minutes walk to where the street booths were set up; each one led us closer to the square and main festival area.

We passed by so many different setups, I was surprised by a couple, including a whole booth full of different umbrellas for sale. 

There were a variety of booths. Many of them were food related.

I saw one full of different cheeses, one of meat, and then there were places with things like jewelry, socks, stuffed animals, and more.

One thing that I always look forward to at any sort of festival or fair is the desserts.

It was no different in Italy, except I might have been a little bit more excited for these than I normally am at home.

I cannot resist any sort of sweet treat and my excuse of “you’re only studying abroad in Italy once” has led me most to a lot of gelato and cannolis. I had to get one here, so I chose a pistachio cannoli

cannoli stand san michele festival piano di sorrento megan kesner mypovsorrento 2023

The atmosphere was inviting and celebratory, the perfect mix.

As I wandered the square and along the side streets surrounding it, I saw many families and generations all together mingling and enjoying a perfect Southern Italy evening.

I watched as groups of friends rode the selection of rides and played bumper cars.

I always enjoy events like these because everyone looks like they’re having so much fun.

Basilica di San Michele Arcangelo

To wrap up the perfect evening, I wanted to visit the church dedicated to San Michele, since this festival is for him.

It was a short walk from the main square in Piano to Basilica di San Michele Arcangelo.

The church was absolutely breathtaking, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

There’s a lovely and informative article on AboutSorrento (click here!) that shares all of the history about this church.

I recommend giving it a read and visiting it for yourself! 

Overall, this was an amazing evening and just another example of how full of love (Piano di) Sorrento is.

There’s no shortage of joy here and the magic spreads from town to town with celebrations such as these.

Although I was not able to attend the actual San Michele Feast on the 29th, it just gives me another excuse to come back next year and attend, and you should too!