Savoring Sorrento's Saporitissimo Street Food

Ciao readers!

Over this past week I’ve had the chance to learn more about what true Italian cuisine is like and try it all for myself with the company of some amazing friends! 

It started off with the Saporitissimo Sorrento Street Food event at Villa Comunale “Salve D’Esposito”.

This was a 5 day long event consisting of various local businesses, Neapolitan specialties, music, entertainment, desserts and good vibes. 

The whole event went from September 13 – September 17. I went on the 15th with a group of friends from Sant’Anna and we all had so much fun trying out the different foods together.

A Feast for the Senses

We started out by just scoping out the area and seeing what all was being offered.

There were a lot of Sicilian desserts, quite a few that I had never heard of before, but they all looked delicious. 

Besides all of the appealing food that awaited us, there was also an entertainment area that we checked out. 

Each day of the event there was a new performer/act. On the day that we went we saw the band “Allerija”.

There was also some sort of magic show happening before the music started and kids gathered around to watch tricks with fire. I

t was such a precious moment seeing people of all ages come together and enjoy their evening even if they were all there for different reasons. 

Delightful Discoveries: Sfogliata Riccia and Arancini

The first thing we tried was a Sfogliata Riccia, what is pictured in the top left image.

From the outside look of it, I thought it would have chocolate in it, but it was ricotta cheese. It was something I’ve never had before but I would definitely recommend it, 10/10!

The picture to the right of the Sfogliata Riccia was different types of “Arancini” from “Sapori Di Palermo“.

I didn’t know there were so many different combinations! 

At the same place there were lots and lots of Sicilian desserts, including Cannoli which a few of my friends got and tried!

They adored them which wasn’t surprising. 

Something very interesting to me was seeing the “Hanging Caciocavallo Cheese”.

I did not expect it to actually be hanging upside down in the air. It’s extremely popular in Southern Italy and it’s also one of the oldest cheeses!

Pizza Fritta: A Slice of Authentic Naples

The next thing I tried was a Pizza Fritta (fried pizza) from Pizzeria Bella Napoli.

I watched it be prepared and fried right in front of me and got to see it from start to finish.

After being in Sorrento for a few weeks now, I thought I had tasted the most authentic pizza from Naples, but I don’t think I truly did until I had this!

I’d also recommend this to everyone, but I think I’d recommend just about anything here because it was all too good! 

Tombola-Inspired Dining: A Neapolitan Twist

While I ate my pizza fritta, my friends all tried different foods from Sud Eat Napulitan Food, which is all in the picture above!

This place was intriguing because of its menu

The numbers for the food meals at this place were all numbers from Tombola.

Tombola is a Neapolitan game similar to bingo, commonly played on Christmas.

The board of the game is made up of numbers 1-90.

Each number is in its own box and has its own “Neapolitan Smorfia” which is a symbol or character.

There’s a short list of the most popular Tombola numbers and they are easily recognizable if you are familiar with the game.

Tombola numbers on the menu and what they translated to: 

8: ‘A Maronna – Our lady

30: E’ Palle D’O Tenente – Lieutenant’s balls 

6: Chella Ca Guarda ‘Nterra – That which looks at the floor 

85: ‘LL Aneme ‘Ro Priatorio – The souls of Purgatory 

28: ‘E Zizze – Breasts 

66: ‘E Ddoje Zetelle – Two old maids

64: ‘A Zingara – Dress-coat


A presto!