About me

Ciao, my name is Hannah and I am an American student interning here in Sorrento

Over the course of five weeks I will be interning with the AboutSorrento team and staying at the Sant’Anna Institute.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of this experience and extra lucky that I can share it with you all! 

During my time here I will be carrying on the My Point of View Sorrento series that the talented interns before me have worked on.

I will have the opportunity to share my view of the city as someone who has never been to Italy or Sorrento before.

I am from a city in Massachusetts that borders New York State.

I grew up surrounded by the Berkshire Hills and experiencing four drastically different seasons.

In Massachusetts we have falls full of foliage, winters with heavy snow, rainy springs and a summer that lasts only a few weeks.

Before I even arrived I was excited to experience a summer full of sunshine and swimming.

The beauty of my hometown cannot even compare to the beautiful sights here in Sorrento that I have witnessed within the few short days I have been here.

My first days in Sorrento

Upon my arrival I was taken away by the breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea contrasted by the mountains covered with fluffy green trees.

The windy, narrow cobbled roads are filled with people walking and vespas passing by.

As I try to familiarize myself with the city, I continue to get lost in all it has to offer. 

On my very first night here I went to dinner at Trattoria Da Emilia where I was met with amazing views of the water and a fabulous tasting plate of ravioli.

I spent the next few days walking around the city, exploring the little shops and trying to eat at as many restaurants as possible.

One morning I went to Cappuccino Sorrento where I enjoyed an iced cappuccino and a strawberry Nutella crepe.

As a lifelong Nutella fan, this was one of the best dishes I have had thus far.

strawberry crepe sorrento food

To wrap up my first few days, I went to Bagni Salvatore, a beach club, where I soaked up the sun and swam in the most incredible water I have ever swam in.

The blue water flag flew proudly above the deck which indicates that the water and service meets high standards of cleanliness.

bagni salvatore beach club sorrento

Although I have not been here for that long I love this city and cannot believe I am lucky enough to explore it over the next five weeks.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all! 

Ciao for now!