A Day in the Charming Amalfi

The refreshing breeze of salt water air flowing on my face. The gentle rocking of a boat sailing.

The breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. Life does not get much better than this!

Sorrento is perfectly located between the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, making travel very convenient.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to cruise across the Amalfi Coast and then explore the town of Amalfi for the day.

I went with a group of fellow students from Sant’Anna Institute.

The trip was organized through CIS Abroad, a program that helps students navigate applying to programs abroad and aids students once they are abroad. 

The morning began with a short 20-minute bus ride to the Massa Lubrense port.

The crew from Coop. Marina della Lobra were so welcoming, offering their hand to get on the boat, guiding those who experience sea sickness to the best parts of the boat, and overall bringing excitement to the day.

As we cruised along the coast our tour guide, Frankie, pointed out significant areas to look out for on the cliffs.

The first one he noted was the obscured view of Sophia Loren’s white and aqua shuttered villa that has many lookouts and even has her own helicopter pad. 

Shortly after seeing Loren’s house, we saw the area surrounding Positano where Beyonce and her family often vacation.

I secretly hoped we would spot her taking a quick break from her Renaissance tour to sneak off to Italy. 

The boat then slowed down in front of two large rocks, “Two Brothers.

The legend has it that Poseidon placed these two large rocks there as a tribute to two shepherds who courageously sacrificed their lives to save a young woman who was drowning.

As Poseidon was unable to save the shepherds he felt it was important to commemorate them with these large rocks.

Finally, we arrived at the port in Amalfi where we were escorted off the boat and had the day to explore.

Stepping off the boat, the heat hit me in the face as it was 85 degrees Fahrenheit that day.

I started the day by checking out the beautiful Amalfi Cathedral. The large bronze doors and the intricate designs, both inside and out, were breathtaking. 

I walked around the shops in Piazza Dei Dogi but ultimately decided that I needed to be by the water as the heat was intensifying.

I landed at the Mar Di Cobalto beach club where I was able to get a sunbed, umbrella, towel, access to changing rooms, and bathrooms for 25 euros. It was totally worth it!

In order to get to the water I had to walk over a pebbly beach, but once I was in the clear blue, almost aqua water, it was so refreshing.

After I got out of the water, I could still feel the small specks of salt on my skin as the sun worked tirelessly to dry me off.

I finished the trip sunkissed and sat on the front of the boat so I could enjoy the views of Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento and allow the boat to gently rock me to sleep. 

The Amalfi Coast and the town of Amalfi had so much to offer, but the best part was knowing I could come back to my home base of Sorrento!

A presto!