There is nothing quite like wine from Italy and nothing better than drinking Italian wine in Sorrento!

I recently had the opportunity to join a wine and cheese tasting.

Unveiling the Delights of Azienda Vinicola De Angelis in Sorrento

Azienda Vinicola De Angelis 1930 is a local family-owned Sorrento winery that creates organic wines and works to preserve wine-making traditions.

Housed in the city center, just outside of the train station, this winery is full of history, family, and loads of vino!

During this hour-long session, the owners allowed us to try three different wines, suggested the best cheese pairings, and provided some rich history into the wine culture here in Sorrento.

The tasting began with a guided tour through the winery.

Gigantic metal tanks full of distilled wine lined the hallways.

We made our way down to the wine cellar which felt like standing in front of the air conditioner after combating the heat of the day!

Just before the tasting we learned a bit about the history of the grapes used in the wines we were about to taste.

There are four types of grapes used: Aglianco, Falanghina, Greco, and Piedirosso (Redfoot).

These are all native vines to the Campania Region, that houses Sorrento and its Peninsula.

The Perfect Pairings of Wine and Cheese in Sorrento's Heart

When we arrived at our seats there was a beautiful tablescape composed of fresh bread, olive oil, cold cuts, and mozzarella cheese.

Each plate had unique patterns that incorporated lemons which added to the beauty of the spread.

The first wine we tasted was the Peninsula Sorrentina Sorrento White DOP, which is a young white wine.

The 2022 wine had a light yellow coloring with a slightly fruity taste. They suggested it be paired with the mozzarella.

This was a refreshing wine that woke up my taste buds and the saltiness of the cheese added another dimension to the wine.

Following, we tried the Sorrentine Peninsula Via Degli Aranci which is abrightly colored pink rosé.

This was my favorite as it had a faint smell of watermelon but tasted slightly like raspberries.

The rosé is best paired with a dessert but during the tasting it was paired with a few bites of the bread.

The final wine we tried was the Sorrento Peninsula Sorrento Red which was a velvety red color.

A strong, persistent dry flavor was present and it was suggested to be paired with the meats.

This wine was controlled for about 20 days and was aged in a stainless steel tank for months before it was bottled.

When the wine first hit my mouth, it was subtle but the floral flavor lingered long after the wine was gone.

From Vine to Glass: Exploring the Essence of Sorrento's Finest Wines

This was such a unique experience that I cannot recommend enough!

Gaining knowledge of the process from grape to wine glass gave me a greater appreciation for wine.

I could write about this experience, the tastes and smells but this is something everyone should get to
experience for themselves!

A presto,