Behind the tourist town and decidedly more crowded, a dense network of ancient roads branches off connecting the Sorrento coast to the hillside villages.

Just through these narrow streets one can discover wonderful views and meet farmers intent on their daily work.

The various seasons offer an ever-changing climate and environment, which comes to fruition with the olive harvest, moving on to the vegetable garden, lemons, walnuts, and on to the fruit trees.

i limoni Sorrento Francesca d'Esposito foto
Example of a citrus grove on the Sorrento Peninsula - Photo by Francesca d'Esposito

Often thehospitality of localfarmers is expressed in samples of fruit, thirst-quenching lemonade or produce from the land.

This itinerary among the hills of Sorrento includes a restorative stop with local products along with a good glass of village wine.

The goal of this “bucolic” itinerary is a true sensory involvement in which life outside the merely tourist context comes out authentically.

Genuine and tasty food can be found in and around Sorrento, you just need to know how to choose and move around the area.

i limoni Sorrento Francesca d'Esposito foto

Each business and small factory, specializing in a particular product, offers fresh cheese, bread or cookies, fruits and vegetables, or local wine. All at prices and with the guarantee of quality.

Research with a good guide will enable you not to go wrong and have mastery and competence to understand real life in the Sorrento Peninsula.