The About Sorrento Photo Contest reaches its fifth edition, and this year, it has once again witnessed the participation of numerous amateur and professional photographers, both local and from other regions.

The chosen theme was “Life in the Sorrentine Peninsula“, a way to narrate the traditions, professions, customs, and culture of this area.

Among the many submissions, 12 photos have been selected—two for each municipality of the peninsula—to be featured in the calendar and exhibited.

This year, we have received support from the Sorrento Municipality, which has included our initiative in the official events of the “M’illumino d’inverno” Christmas program.

We also have the moral sponsorship of the Campania Region and the Municipalities of Massa Lubrense, Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello and Vico Equense.

A special thanks to all contest participants who have contributed to enhancing the Sorrentine Peninsula with their images. Let’s discover together the photos from the #aboutsorrento2024

January "L'Intarsio Sorrentino" by Vincenzo Pane

01_Gennaio_Vincenzo Pane about sorrento 2024 calendar january

The calendar opens with a beautiful photo by Vincenzo Pane.

Sorrento’s inlaid wood is a source of prestige for this city, involving the creation of decorations with pieces of wood of various colors and shapes, intricately fitted together.

February: "Testimone di un'arte antica non dimenticata" by Salvatore De Stefano

02_ febbraio Salvatore De Stefano february 2024 about sorrento calendar

The shepherd also represents the flow of life on the Sorrentine Peninsula, a life that seems to have stood still on the slopes of Mount Faito in Vico Equense.

With this shot Salvatore De Stefano represents for us the month of February.

March: "Il colore della Passione" by Annalisa Mazzarella

03_MARZO_Il colore della Passione_Annalisa Mazzarella

Easter in the Sorrento Peninsula is rich in rituals and traditions, with the striking processions of hooded figures dominating the Holy Week.

Annalisa Mazzarella captures this in her shot.

April: "Mani laboriose" by Sara Russo

04_APRILE_Mani laboriose_Sara Russo about sorrento 2024 calendar

Cheese-making is generational tradition, expressed in the production of spun paste cheeses like fior di latte, caciocavallo, and moscione, but especially Provolone del Monaco DOP.

Representing the month of April is Sara Russo‘s shot.

May: "Fuga in moto sul Monte Faito" by Francesco Varone

05_Francesco_Varone_Maggio_Vibrazioni d'autunno Fuga in moto sul Monte Faito

Nature has always been a defining element of life for everyone, including taking a refreshing walk on Mount Faito in Vico Equense.

Photo by Francesco Varone

June: "I Merletti di Marina Grande" by Carlo Di Biagio

06_Giugno I merletti di Marina Grande_Carlo di biagio

In this Carlo Di Biagio‘s shot, we are transported to a bygone era when embroidery and handkerchiefs were a strength of this area. It’s so wonderful today witnessing some women keeping this tradition alive.

July: "Distese al sole" by Cristiano Zelli

07_Luglio_Piano marina di cassano nests about sorrento 2024 calendar

The Sorrento area is rich in fishing villages where fishermen keep their traditions alive.

In Piano di Sorrento, Marina di Cassano stands out for its charm, made even more evident by the nets spread out in the sun.

Cristiano Zelli‘s shot captures the atmosphere and colors.

August: "Sollevati sul mare" by Rossella Marino

08_Agosto_Rosella Marino_Sollevati sul mare

The characteristic wooden establishments at Marina Piccola in Sorrento, suspended over the crystal-clear waters of the coast, offer comfort and the caress of the wind on the skin.

The photo is by Rossella Marino and fully represents a sunny day in August.

September: "Imparando con i piedi" by Giuseppe Armellino

09_Settembre_Imparando con i piedi

September is the month of the grape harvest, and Giuseppe Armellino‘s photo shows the grape stomping.

In the past, stomping was done barefoot and for the children it was a festive day.

October: "Le Noci di Papà" by Chiara Russo

10_Ottobre_chiararusso_Le noci di papà sorrento walnuts about sorrento 2024 calendar

Sorrento walnuts are an emblem of the typical products of the peninsula.

Between September and October, the fruits are ready to be handpicked by farmers.

This shot by Chiara Russo, couldn’t miss for the #aboutsorrento2024 calendar!

November: "L'oro di Novembre" by Claudio D'Esposito

11_Novembre_Claudio D'Esposito_Massa Lubrense

In this photo by Claudio D’Esposito, there is the essence of olive picking, which is an ancient tradition and a festive moment.

Expert hands of farmers shaking the branches and baskets full of green and black fruits are visible.

December: "Il ceppone di Santa Lucia a Meta" by Lauro Castellano

12_Dicembre_Il ceppone di Santa Lucia a Meta Lauro Castellano Santa Lucia bonfire about sorrento 2024 calendar

To wrap up our calendar, we have chosen Lauro Castellano‘s photo depicting the lighting of the bonfire in honour of Santa Lucia in Meta, a beloved saint and tradition in several municipalities of the peninsula.

These are the 12 photos representing Life in the Sorrentine Peninsula.

They will be exhibited in a show at the San Francesco Cloister in Sorrento from January 1 to 15, 2024.

A special thanks to Pasquale Santovito, the author of the cover illustration who – along with other creators, promoters, and supporters – Gianni Cioffi, Lidia Spasiano, Francesca D’Esposito, Luca Cimmino, Giovanni Ercolano – daily carries forward the About Sorrento project.

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See you to the next #aboutsorrento contest!

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