A Love Letter to Sorrento

I can’t believe my semester here in Sorrento is coming to an end already.

Sometimes it feels like I just arrived yesterday, and other times it feels like I’ve been here for a year.

Four months just doesn’t seem like enough time with a place, or with the people I’ve met here. 

Sorrento's Undeniable Charm

I’ve had the amazing chance at living and immersing myself in a brand new culture here in Italy, and I can’t think of a better place to do it than here.

Sure, it’s not as well known as cities like Rome and Florence, but it’s incomparable in my opinion.

Sorrento has a charm like no other place I’ve been.

After every weekend trip away, my friends and I would always agree we’re ready to be back in Sorrento.

It welcomes you back with open arms no matter how long you’ve been away and provides the peace and comfort you can’t quite find anywhere else. 

Sorrento farewell marina grande view sorrento

When I first arrived here, I was utterly taken aback by the magnificence of Sorrento.

Before I was fully comfortable and settled, one of my favorite things to do was take walks along the Marina Grande, or just around the side streets lined with shops.

The abundance of people here always made it feel lively and comforting.

I didn’t even realize until about halfway through my semester how at home I truly felt in this small coastal town.

Sant'Anna Institute

None of this would have been possible without the lovely Sant’Anna Institute and its staff.

I never once felt unprepared in this journey, they made everything so easy and simple.

My supervisor for this lovely opportunity of an internship, Pasquale, also helped me so much along the way.

I could always go to him or anyone about anything, free of judgment.

Also through Sant’Anna, I made lifelong friends and family.

Bella, Caroline, Eesha, Emily, Grayson, Kathryn, and Lili – my best friends that I connected with because of Sant’Anna.

Whether it was from us being in the dorms, meeting through the activities, or just having the same classes in common, we have our school to thank.

I never thought I would make such meaningful connections in this short amount of time, but I am so glad that I was wrong.

Final Reflections

Upon reflecting on these past four months, I’ve concluded what I’ll miss most about Sorrento: the lovely views and picturesque scenery;

the authentic Italian food and desserts, the welcoming and loving atmosphere, the adorable cats on every street, and the people who make it feel like home