Walking downtown, you will come across the beautiful Cloister of San Francesco d’Assisi, one of the oldest monuments of Sorrento. Located near the homonymous church and the Municipal Garden, this evocative fourteenth-century structure has a unique architecture.

Built on the ruins of a 7th-century monastery, the cloister blends the typically 14th-century style with the following period styles, incorporating ruins from pagan temples and other archaeological sites.

Pay attention: the columns of the arches are all different from each other both in height and in the decorations!

Cloister of Francesco - About Sorrento

A detail that contributes to make Sorrento a magical place, especially in certain hours of the day where the sun create an evocative play of lights and shadows with the columns.

At the centre of the cloister, there is a distinctive tree with an oblique trunk, frame for many weddings celebrated here, while a bell tower stands on the right.

Renovated in the early decades of the twentieth century, the cloister is now a location for classical music concerts and other city events.