All around the monumental complex, that includes the Cloister and the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi, lies the beautiful park of the Villa Comunale (the main public park).

The park is an authentic terrace overlooking the sea with a breathtaking on the Gulf of Naples with the Vesuvius in the background.

Built between 1877 and 1879, the park stands on the Franciscan monks’ vegetable gardens. Here, walking through tended gardens and centenarian olive trees, you can find a cool shelter in the shade, especially during the hot summer days.

Inside the park, there are two busts from the early twentieth century, the first one is dedicated to the historian Bartolomeo Capasso and the second to the magistrate Francesco Saverio Gargiulo.

Moreover, it is also possible to visit a museum where the archaeological excavations found in Sorrento are treasured together with a valuable mosaic illustrating a nymphaeum.

From the terrace of the Villa, which often hosts musical and theatrical performances and it is beautifully decorated with characteristic lights on Christmas, you can reach the beach below through a walking passage to the sea or an elevator for those who are unable to climb the stairs.

In short, if you visit Sorrento, you cannot miss this place!