Monte Faito, the most famous peak of the whole Sorrento coast, cannot be missed by nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts. 

1400 meters in height, the mountain is the ideal place for all those who want to stroll among the scent of holm oaks and chestnut trees, immersed in unspoiled nature and enjoy the spectacular panoramas that Faito offers: authentic terrace overlooking the sea on the Gulf of Naples.

Path in the thick forest of Monte Faito, with Beech trees and fallen leaves, in autumn

How to get to Monte Faito

The territory of Faito, which is part of the Lattari mountain range, is divided between the municipalities of Castellammare di Stabia and Vico Equense.

From Castellammare, it can be reached either via the cable car that departs from the homonymous Circumvesuviana station, or on foot through the path that climbs its way up Quisisana, also called Angel’s Path.

From Vico Equense, you can go by car or take the bus that always leaves from the same Circumvesuviana station, or on foot. Crossing the path that starts from the ancient Via dei Mulini, reaching an uphill road that runs alongside terraces of olive trees and pretty villas and connects with via San Francesco near the cemetery of Bonea and the Convent of San Francesco.

From here, after passing an evocative wooden bridge, the path continues on Via Sperlonga and retracing the path of the ancient Roman aqueduct, it leads further and further up just to turn right in Trina del Monte.

With the sea on the left, you can go up again until you reach the Capo D’Acqua fount and a little later, on a panoramic ridge where there is an ancient shed, you get to the Hermit’s Cross. After a high voltage pylon, you finally arrive at the Belvedere del Faito where the Village is also located.

From here following the road Via Nuova Monte Faito, you can also reach another important point of interest of Monte Faito: we are talking about the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo on Monte Faito. With its statue of the Holy Mary of Reception, it represents another incredible belvedere on the Gulf of Naples with Vesuvius in the distance.

Within the area of ​​the Village of Monte Faito, you will also find a sports complex with tennis courts, volleyball courts and swimming pool together with restaurants, bars, hotels and an area equipped with picnic tables.