"Sorrento for travelers" a tour to discover the origins

Food & Walking tour: the life, traditions, products, artisans and best tastes of the Land of the Sirens “Sorrento for travelers” is the right name for this itinerary that takes you to discover the true identity of the city of Sorrento .

A“journey” away from the chaos of the tourist streets, overrun with tables and junk but in the heart of the ancient streets, discovering the life and ingenuity of the Sorrentines who have adapted, for centuries, to a hostile territory.

Hostile because there were no roads because the only “way” to Naples was by sea (the Bourbon road was completed in 1866), people were forced to learn how to steer the waves with boats that were increasingly suitable for transporting goods and people, every day, to Naples.

A navy still existing in the small shipyards of Marina Grande where wooden boats are made following ancient construction techniques.

Il Gozzo Sorrentino, Marina Grande - About Sorrento (8)

The skill of the Sorrentines is also expressed in citrus cultivation: the first insight was to convert production from oranges to lemons through grafting techniques;

In the second baattuta, the need to protect fruits and flowers from the bitter cold and rain led to the ingenious construction of tall arbors.

And so, the farmers, set up an intensive vertical cultivation technique placed on 4 different levels: namely, the vegetable garden, lemon grove, grapes along the vertical poles, and the fruit towering above the other structures, reaching almost seven meters in height.

sorrento limoncello limoni
The preparation of limoncello

With the Grand Tour and the rise of tourism, artisans’ workshops flourished: masters of inlay and shoemakers, and with them also appeared fine tailoring and other signature souvenirs for early travelers.

Citrus cultivation also adapted to the new markets, and not many decades ago, the production of limoncello as a typical product of the Sorrento Peninsula began.

The itinerary includes visits to many artisans’ workshops as well as tasting of the best products of the Land of the Sirens: fresh cheeses, tomatoes and local vegetables as well as bread of various qualities produced daily, accompanied by a good glass of local wine.

At the end of the tour we stop in the cool of a lemon grove to taste“Liquid Gold” from Sorrento, the best limoncello in the world.

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