Just a short walk from the central Piazza Tasso, is the Basilica of Sant’Antonino (11th century), a genuine emblem of profound faith and widespread religious devotion.

The people of Sorrento hold deep affection for this church as it is dedicated to the same patron saint, whose remains are preserved here.

Sant’Antonino is associated with several miracles that have fueled widespread religious sentiment.

Among them is a renowned tale of a child rescued from the jaws of a shark through the saint’s intercession.

As evidence of this miracle, just at the main entrance of the basilica, you’ll find the whale bones believed to be linked to this extraordinary event.

Altar basilica of Saint Antonino Sorrento

Being among the oldest basilicas on the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Basilica of Sant’Antonino has consistently been a pilgrimage destination.

On either side of the main altar, two artworks house a wealth of saintly Relics.

On the feast day, February 14th, a multitude of individuals gather to pay homage to Sant’Antonino’s remains in the crypt, underscoring that certain expressions of religious affection endure despite the passage of time.

Moreover, on the festive day, the entire city participates with fervent devotion in the procession winding through the main streets of the town.

The procession, featuring representatives from the Confraternities and Archconfraternities of Sorrento, religious dignitaries, and the Municipal Administration, parades the silver statue depicting the patron saint.