What is Pompeii famous for?

Pompeii is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Italy because of its historical beauty dating back to antiquity .

This city located between Naples and Sorrento, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, was buried by ash and lapilli after the eruption of 79 AD.

The ancient city of Pompeii only came to light in the 18th century, thanks to archaeological excavations that uncovered and unearthed a treasure trove of art and history.

So Pompeii Archaeological Park is a must-see during your stay in Sorrento, and we give below some useful tips.

What to see in Pompeii?

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How much does it cost to enter the Excavations?

First of all, in order to enter the Pompeii Ruins, there is a need to purchase admission.

The cost of a single ticket, which is valid for one day, is €18.00; a reduced fare of €2.00 is applicable for all European citizens aged 18 to 25 years and under.

Admission to Villa Regina (Boscoreale) is included in the ticket.

When and who does not pay admission to the Pompeii ruins?

The visit is free of charge to citizens under the age of 18, the handicapped, scholars in the field, guides, interpreters, journalists, and accompanying teachers.

Admission to Pompeii Archaeological Park is free for everyone every first Sunday of the month, as it is for all state museums and sites thanks to the Ministry of Culture’s initiative “
Sunday at the Museum

Where do you buy tickets for the excavations of Pompeii?

Admission tickets can be purchased at the official ticket offices at the entrances to the archaeological site and specifically at the entrances to Porta Marina, Piazza Anfiteatro and Piazza Esedra.

To avoid lines, we recommend that you purchase admission online at the only authorized TicketOne retailer.

Free single-entry tickets, from time to time, must also be obtained on the TicketOne website or at ticket offices.

The official website of the Pompeii excavations where to check schedules, prices and info is

How long is the visit to the Pompeii ruins? How big is the park?

The archaeological site is verylarge, covering an area of about 44hectares.

For this reason, the visit may take a minimum of 2 to 3 hours to explore the major points of interest or plan for a full day if you want to discover all the wonders of the park.

When is it possible to visit the excavations of Pompeii?

The excavations are open daily:

  • April 1 to October 31 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., last admission allowed at 5:30 p.m;
  • November 1 to March 31 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., last admission allowed at 3:30 p.m.

The Park has only 3 closing days in the year, unless otherwise notified: December 25, January 1 and May 1.

Quanto costa l'ingresso agli scavi di Pompei

What to see in Pompeii in one day

What to see at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii Ruins.

Visiting the park is aunique experience, like taking a leap back in time, worth even just getting lost in the narrow Roman streets.

Below is our selection of what to see:

  1. Pompeii’s famous Amphitheater: one of the city’s main sights built in 70 B.C., it is one of the oldest theaters in the world that has retained its original structure; it could seat up to 20,000 spectators.I
  2. The Forum of Pompeii: this was the center of the city’s public and political life, and many ruins of important buildings such as the Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of the Capitoline Trinity are found there. In the nearby Basilica, you can admire the remains of arcades, gardens and marble floors.
  3. The House of the Faun: represents one of the largest villas in the city, enclosed in a magnificent interior garden and featuring a beautiful mosaic of the Dancing Faun.
  4. Villa Dei Misteri: known for its mysterious frescoes that have attracted the attention of scientists and artists around the world.
  5. The Great Theater: considered one of the largest and best preserved ancient theaters. With a capacity of 5,000 people, it was the center of the city’s cultural life during the Roman era.
  6. The Lupanare of Pompeii: an ancient Roman brothel, consisting of five rooms, each with a stone bed and walls decorated with erotic paintings.
  7. The House of the Golden Cupids: featuring spectacular frescoes and mosaics, built by the Romans to celebrate the beauty and heroism of their ancestors.
  8. Sanctuary of Apollo: dedicated precisely to Apollo, the deity of music, poetry and prophecy.
  9. The Garden of the Fugitives: an area within the excavations named after the sculptures of two men and two women, carved in lava stone, who tried to escape during the eruption of Vesuvius.

What to do in Pompeii besides the excavations

There are many other things to see in Pompeii, but this is a good starting point to get an idea of the beauty and historical importance of this ancient archaeological site.

In addition to the Excavations , Pompeii is also home to the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary: an important place of Catholic worship, the destination of many pilgrimages, especially during the time of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, which is celebrated on October 7 each year.

How to get to Pompeii?

Pompeii can be reached by train, bus and car.

Reaching Pompeii by train

For those in Sorrento or Naples, the line to take is Naples-Sorrento of theEAV – Circumvesuviana, which stops at the Pompeii Scavi – Villa dei Misteri station.

Once you arrive at Pompeii Scavi – Villa dei Misteri station, you can walk to the archaeological excavations in a few minutes.

For those arriving from other parts of Italy, depending on the company, it is possible to reach Naples Central or Pompeii by high-speed train or regional train.

With Trenitalia you can take advantage of the “

Pompeii Link

“, a combined train+bus service that takes you from the Pompeii train station to the entrance of the Archaeological Park in 15 minutes.

How to get to Pompeii by bus

To reach the city by bus, it is possible to take several lines from nearby cities:


  • EAV Bus 500 (Garibaldi Square stop)
  • Circumvesuviana (Pompeii Scavi – Villa dei Misteri stop).

From Sorrento, Salerno, Amalfi, Positano and Castellammare:

  • Sita Sud (stop Pompeii Scavi – Villa dei Misteri)

Or better yet, book on FLIXBUS.

Getting to Pompeii by car

To reach Pompeii by car, one must drive along theA3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria highway and exit at the Pompei Ovest exit. Follow the signs to the historic center.

Where to park your car in Pompeii

Next to the main entrances to the Excavations and within walking distance of the highway exit are several guarded, paid parking lots.


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