Capri is known to be the kind of place you have to see to believe, and after visiting this past week, I completely agree.

The ocean water gleams with a gorgeous blue hue that is unbelievable.

Swimming in the vibrant, crystal clear water of the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Capri is my favorite experience I’ve had so far!

As we approached Capri on a boat, the familiar ruins and rocks of Bagni della Regina Giovanna caught our attention.

From the ocean’s perspective, the Roman ruins revealed their grandeur, providing a unique and awe-inspiring view.

Not far from this, we passed by the Marina di Puolo, a small fishing village just 15 minutes from Sorrento, which is lined with multi-colored buildings.

This di Puolo is known to have once been a gravel excavation site until the 1960s, which explains Marina di Puolo’s signature gravel beach shores that are still there today.

The next landmark we saw in passing was Faro di Punta Carena (Punta Carena Lighthouse). Built in 1866, this landmark is known as the second-tallest lighthouse in Italy, the first tallest being the Faro di Genova.

Closer to Capri, our skipper showed us the Grotta Verde (Green Grotto).

Significantly more emerald than the rest of the surrounding waters, the Grotta Verde was astonishing.

It is said the reflection of the sun on the rocks and the sand beneath creates the famous green tint of the water. 

The Grotta Verde’s cavern even has a small opening where visitors can swim through and experience the refreshing water of the Gulf of Naples.

Since we were on our way to Capri, we did not have time to jump into the enchanting water.

However, we did see travelers on a nearby boat jump into the water and swim through the cavern to be picked up by their boat on the other side.

Determined to not feel seasick when we got back on the boat, I ventured to a nearby pharmacy by walking up Via Marina Piccola and then turning onto Via Roma.

I would certainly recommend bringing seasickness medication along with you if you are traveling to Capri on a small boat!

Even though this street was not the center of town where Piazza Umberto I (Capri’s main piazza) is, the street was filled with small restaurants, shops, thankfully, a pharmacy.

If you visit Capri and are planning to visit the main piazza, it is a 10 minute taxi ride from Marina Piccola.

The Capri Bell and the legend of St. Michael

Along Via Roma, we stopped into a small store that sold mementos adored with the signature symbol of Capri: ‘la campanella,’ or the bell.

Similar to the cornicello seen all around Sorrento, the bell serves as a good luck charm to whoever wears it.

This good luck charm comes from a local biblical legend.

It is said that a poor shepherd boy from the island of Anacapri lost his sheep one day and went searching for it.

He thought his sheep was lost for good until he heard a ringing of a bell, which he followed.

Then, the boy saw a bright light, revealing the gleaming San Michele (Saint Micheal), who was accompanied by the boy’s sheep.

San Michele removed a bell from around his neck and gifted it to the shepherd boy. San Michele told the boy, “Take it and always follow the sound of it. It will keep you from all danger.

Today, San Michele’s guidance is still followed and the bells still represent good luck on jewelry and ornaments.

After immersing ourselves in the local folklore, we returned to Marina Piccola to board the boat.

The perfect weather and shimmering blue waters enticed us to dive into the sea.

Swimming in front of Capri’s towering cliffs and the famous Faraglioni rocks formations was a surreal experience, leaving us in awe of nature’s beauty.

During our visit, I learned each rock has its own name: Stella, Faraglione di Mezzo, Faraglione di Fuori (which is sometimes also called Scopolo).

We spent the next hour jumping off the boat, peacefully floating in the pristine water, or simply gazing at the bluest water we had all ever seen.

Shortly after, we began the boat ride back to Sorrento by driving through the archway of Faraglione di Mezzo, which was an experience that felt unreal.

The sightseeing continued with the discovery of the Grotta Bianca (White Grotto), adorned with stunning stalactites and bright white limestone walls.

With Sorrento’s colorful Marina Grande coming into view, we reluctantly concluded our boat day, cherishing the memories and the remarkable sights we encountered.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to experience the beauty of Capri and sightsee along the way.