Villa Fondi De Sagro, commonly called Villa Fondi, is an actual national museum in the heart of Piano di Sorrento, from which it is possible to admire part of the Sorrento coast.

Built-in 1840 by the Prince of Fondi don Giovanni Andrea De Sangro, the villa is characterized by unique stuccos, majolica and frescoes. Especially the upper part is a classic Vanvitellian style.

Following the 1980 earthquake, which devastated several areas of the Campania region, the Municipality of Piano di Sorrento purchased and then rebuilt partly the villa.

Today, it is the perfect location for weddings and different kind of events. In addition to the Villa Fondi, it is possible to visit the “George Vallet” archaeological museum and the beautiful municipal park.

Villa Fondi

Georges Vallet Archeological Museum

Today Villa Fondi hosts the Georges Vallet Museum, the territorial Archaeological Museum of the Sorrento Peninsula. The museum houses relics from the second millennium BC to the Roman age.

In this multifunctional space the finds, some even prehistoric, were collected as a result of the several excavation campaigns in the area.

Inside the museum, organized on two floors, it is possible to admire unique artworks such as the magnificent colossal female statue, dating back to the Roman imperial era and found in Sorrento in 1971, or the mosaic nymphaeum of 55 AD, found in Marina della Lobra in the city of Massa Lubrense.

Garden of Villa Fondi

The municipal park

A distinctive element is the wonderful municipal park overlooking the sea, which surrounds the entire structure. Here, there is also a belvedere, overlooking the wonderful Gulf of Naples.  This one is characterized by a majolica flooring, showing rose petals and a small octagonal gazebo, with a majolica dome.

With the exception of the old greenhouse, now turned into a bar, the rest of the garden faithfully preserves the classic nineteenth-century style.

Inside the park, there are countless botanical species while in the eastern part it is possible to see several flowerbeds. In the western part, there are two orthogonal driveways. One of these, it is characterized by four different plots of land used for tree cultivation. It consists of two hundred and fifty plants, including olive trees, palms, as well as a monumental pine of about two hundred years old. Still, you will find camellias, gardenias, crane flower, oleanders, magnolias, banana trees, carob trees, holm oaks, cypresses, badgers, strawberry trees and much more.

For the little ones: do not miss the huge chessboard on the ground, you can play both chess and checkers!

For these reasons and much more the garden of Villa Fondi is considered among the most beautiful in the whole area