The Crapolla Fjord in
Massa Lubrense
is certainly among the most striking inlets on the Sorrento Peninsula .

It is a place that guards of a rich historical and natural heritage.

The pebble beach is also part of the Punta Campanella Marine Protected Reserve, and only at certain times of the day is exposed to the sun, while much of the day remains in shade.

Fiordo di Crapolla a Massa Lubrense 2
The beautiful beach of Crapolla

Crapolla Fjord: The History

The Crapolla beach is a small piece of a thousand-year history of the place: tradition says that it was here that St. Peter disembarked during his journey to Rome.

In memory of this passage, along the path leading to the fjord, is thechapel of the same name which, it is said, was built with the same stones with which the earlier St. Peter’s Abbey was built .

According to legend, it was built on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the god Apollo, which would explain the toponym Crapolla.

On the occasion of the celebration of St. Peter and St. Paul, every June 29, the faithful of Torca leave early in the morning from the small square of this small hamlet to reach the chapel in Crapolla to celebrate the Eucharist here and then continue with a beach party amid good food and healthy fun.

Chiesa di San Pietro 1 - Crapolla
In the distance, the small Chapel of St. Peter's

Crapolla Fjord: The Beach

The Crapolla Fjord can only be reached on foot starting from the small square in Torca, following a well-marked blue trail.

It is a trail of high difficulty (and therefore not recommended for those who do not like long, strenuous walks).

It grafts onto an old mule track surrounded by Mediterranean flora, which, at one point, provides a branch (this time traced with the white-red stripe), which provides a path consisting of as many as 700 steps leading to the fjord.

Past St. Peter’s Chapel we reach the coveted place!

The fjord of Crapolla in Massa Lubrense appears as a deep cleft in the rock that insinuates itself into a high cliff for a length of about 150 meters that gradually extends downward, ending in the small beach. To the west of the inlet the remains of a Roman villa can be discerned where portions of the opus reticolatum walls can be recognized.

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Roman villa in Crapolla
St. Peter's Chapel
Crapolla Fjord
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