Monte San Costanzo is a magical place with a breathtaking view. It is located in Massa Lubrense, at the end of the Sorrento Peninsula. From his highest hill, it is possible to see both the Gulf of Naples and Salerno, and it is also possible to reach Punta Campanella.

Monte San Costanzo has two peaks: on the left, the peak with a famous white church dedicated to San Costanzo; on the right, the other peak hosts a radio station for air traffic control. Between them, a small pine forest, which offers a pleasant shaded area with the possibility to park. Although it is possible to come so far by car, you need to walk to reach the highest hill, no other way around! Such a perfect destination for trekking lover!

Let’s see how to get here…

Panoramic view - Monte San Costanzo

Trekking on Monte San Costanzo

Hiking Monte San Costanzo is a unique experience. Streets, paths and suggestive panoramas, this and much more…

It is possible to start your journey from the small square of Termini (Piazza Santa Croce) – a hamlet of Massa Lubrense – going down along Via Campanella for about 400 meters. Once you are at the crossroads, if you turn to the right you will take the ancient Via Minerva, so-called because of the presence in the past of a temple dedicated to this Goddess. From here, it starts the path of Athena: a road full of history, myths and legends. As the Odyssey says, Punta Campanella is the place where Ulysses met the Charmer Sirens during his journey.

Moreover, there is also the possibility to admire some native species of plants, such as Lithodora rosmarinifolia.

Once you reach the end of the path of Athena, you can continue to Monte San Costanzo. Just be careful, this stretch of road is more difficult: you have to go through the rocks!

After a few meters, you begin to glimpse the island of Capri and Torre di Fossa di Papa on the right. If you keep climbing, you will see Torre Minerva and the Punta Campanella’s lighthouse. From the top, it is possible to admire the wonderful Ieranto Bay and the three islets of Li Galli.

Not an easy excursion for sure, but it is worth it! Once you will reach the top, up to the San Costanzo Chapel, a spectacular view will repay your effort: the Gulf of Naples, the Gulf of Salerno and the suggestive chain of the Lattari Mountains.

Monte San Costanzo - Massa Lubrense

The Hermitage of Monte San Costanzo

This small church, or so-called hermitage of San Costanzo, dates back to the second half of the sixteenth century. Some local families found it. Unfortunately, the church is usually closed to the public. On May 14, there is the only exception for the religious procession, during which hundreds of faithful people walk till Monte San Costanzo from the square of Termini for the Holy Mass. In July, however, the golden statue of the Saint is returned to its first location, namely the Church of Termini, followed by a musical band and spectacular fireworks.