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Cesare Cremonini with his song “50 Special” was exactly right:

But how great is it to walk around with wings under your feet?!”

And how enjoyable, charming and even a bit magical can it be to ride around the Peninsula on a scooter or the iconic Vespa?

Wind in your hair, breeze caressing your skin, carefree feeling and no parking anxiety, whizzing from one scenic spot to another along our amazing coastline!

Come to think of it, it is indeed true that the scooter represents the emblem of the Italian vacation (does the timeless “Roman Holiday” ring a bell?), and renting a scooter in the Sorrento Peninsula becomes an unexpectedly beautiful experience!

Whether you have several days at your disposal or a decidedly tight schedule, choosing to rent a scooter becomes the ideal solution for getting around the various locations serenely and conveniently.

Choosing the most suitable moped

Taking into account the conformation of the Peninsula, a wise choice is to rent a scooter of at least 125 cc.

This is because the terrain has quite a few ups and downs, and a 50 cc scooter could slow down your schedule.

High-displacement vehicles are definitely better performers, and this aspect is by no means negligible.

What are the pros and cons?

Unless you have special back problems (which can be obviated by choosing a scooter equipped with a top case!) there is no reason why renting a scooter is not worth it: easy parking; drastically reduced travel time; no stress from heavy traffic.

For these three reasons alone, you will not regret your choice of renting the moped.

And if we still haven’t convinced you completely, think about how nerve-racking it can become to get stuck in a traffic jam made up of cars and buses: with the moped you won’t have to think about it at all and you’ll bless every single euro spent for all the traffic you can avoid!

What scooter ride in the Sorrento Peninsula?

Starting point of the peninsula tour is
: in fact, here you can rent the scooter you need according to your needs.

Sorrento is an ideal junction point for reaching Punta Campanella via Massa Lubrense and-as in an almost loop-like circuit-go up through St. Agatha, cross the SS145 (the hill road that connects the various towns) arrive at Meta and from there, following Corso Italia, return to Sorrento.

For the tour of Vico Equense and its farmhouses to get to the
Monte Faito
, on the other hand, it will be necessary to leave Meta and take the scenic SS163 and enter the town.

Once there, it will be very easy to take the very long Via Raffaele Bosco, the road that connects all the villages of Vico.

Scooter in Massa Lubrense

Assuming that it would be worth visiting every corner of the Peninsula to enjoy all the panoramic views it offers, we at About Sorrento have places to suggest that you will not regret visiting.

As mentioned above, the conformation of the Peninsula is ideal for the scooter; plus, if walking doesn’t scare you, the scooter + hiking combo is a winner!

This is because so many picturesque places, such as the
Mount San Costanzo
, the
Bay of Ieranto
or the
fjord of Crapolla
need to be reached on foot.

The moped, therefore, becomes essential not only for parking convenience but also for the possibility of “shortening” the route.

Queen Joan in Sorrento

Another destination definitely worth visiting is the
Queen Joan’s Baths

The place is really just a few minutes by scooter from the center of Sorrento; all you have to do is mount your scooter and following the road from Sorrento to Massa Lubrense, stop at the Capo di Sorrento location.

Once the scooter is parked, one takes the marked trail that leads to this enchanting site that is “wild” to the right degree.

Ready for your scooter tour of the Peninsula?

How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Sorrento?

The price varies according to models, displacement to days and period, but for good quality it starts from €35 per day.

Rental includes: Delivery and pickup, 2 helmets and anti-theft device, top case, windshield and RCA insurance. In addition, the rate is unlimited km, ideal for those who also want to visit Positano, Amalfi and the entire Amalfi Coast.

Where to rent the scooter?

We recommend the following
Sorrento Trips
, of Piano di Sorrento.
You can contact Tonino (+39 333 6404156) or Costanza (+39 345 6454796) either by phone or whatsapp, email info@sorrentotrips.com or book directly at sorrentotrips.com.

And be sure to mention that we send you About Sorrento.