One of my favorite things to do is take pictures with my camera.

The Sorrento coast – as well as many of the other places I have traveled – have so many beautiful hidden treasures, moments and notable features to be photographed

As I am now over halfway through my time living in Sorrento, I wanted to take the time to curate a sort of photo diary of some of the wonderful moments I have captured with my camera.


christmas in sorrento about sorrento

Arriving halfway through January, I was so fortunate to be able to experience a glimpse or what Sorrento was like during Christmas.

Lights hung above the streets and the tall Christmas tree still stood in Piazza Tasso. 

The view from my room at the Sant’Anna Institute absolutely amazed me and still continues to.

Looking over Marina Grande, I know I will never have a view as beautiful as this one!

I have spent many nights watching the sunset from my window, as it is the perfect ending to any day.

During January, I spent a lot of my time in Sorrento learning my way around the local town. 

I first began to explore the attractions and areas that make Sorrento so special and I have continued to explore over the past few months.


February was an eventful month with the celebrations of San Valentino, Sant’Antonino, and Carnevale.

With Valentine’s day and Sant’Antonino day being on the same date, Sorrento was fully decorated for both occasions.

Piazza Vittoria featured a giant red heart that overlooked the bay of Naples and tiny hot air balloons with bears that were suspended above the piazza.

Near the Basilica di Sant’Antonino, blue and purple arches were hung above the street leading to the church to mark the direction of the procession of Sant’Antonino.

This was one of the first times I was able to feel the strong community of Sorrento.

Every person came together in celebration, making the day so special to experience.

red heart sorrento cuore rosso san valentino about sorrento
Fried Zucchini flowers


As the weather started to get a little warmer I began to branch out from Sorrento to go along the coast and surrounding area.

For a class trip, I climbed Mt. Vesuvius and was able to see the Sorrentino coast the distance from the top of the volcano. 

Going to Mt. Vesuvius was an easy day trip from Sorrento that provided me with a whole new view of the volcano I see out of my window every day. 

I also walked from Sorrento to Bagni della Regina Giovanna. Only a short walk away, this is a secluded beach and swimming hole. 

I went with a large group of my friends and even went swimming in the ocean despite the chilly March waters

sorrento coast from vesuvius by gianna smurro
The Sorrento Coast from the top of Mt. Vesuvius
bagni della regina giovanna march 2023 about sorrento gianna smurro


Recently with the weather being so much warmer, I have enjoyed sitting out on the roof of the school as well as relaxing in a hammock in the school’s lemon grove and garden.

The lemons on the trees have such a sweet and fragrant smell and I love to pick some to use when I’m cooking.

The town is also now alive with shops, restaurants, and tourists and it has been so amazing to find new places every time I walk into town.

To end the days, almost every night my friends and I watch the sunset over the water. I have never seen so many beautiful and vibrant sunsets in a row before!

sorrento lemons organic garden sant'anna institute gianna smurro
sunset sorrento marina grande about sorrento by gianna smurro

This is just a glimpse of some of the things I’ve done that I’ve been able to capture on camera.

I look forward to more photographable moments and experiences over the next few weeks!