Why is Capri so famous?

If you are on holiday in Sorrento, one of the must-do excursions is a visit to the island of Capri, famous for its beautiful coastline, sea caves and breathtaking views.

The island has always been a destination for international tourism in search of a unique and unforgettable trip but, due to its strategic position close to Naples and especially Sorrento, it is easy to reach and visit even in one day.

An experience not to be missed, which allow to live the many corners of the island often set in famous films, such as the Piazzetta and the Faraglioni, feeling part of the social life that has always been Capri’s symbol.

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How to get to Capri?

Capri can be reached by sea through fast hydrofoil or ferry. In addition to Sorrento, you can depart from Naples, Castellammare, the islands of Ischia and Procida, Positano and Salerno.

There are 3 companies that run daily: the SNAV, ALILARO AND NLG Navigazione Libera del Golfo.

Where to buy a ticket to Capri from Sorrento?

Hydrofoil or ferry ticket offices for Capri are located directly in the port of Sorrento, Marina Piccola.

During high season, but not only, given the large turnout of daily visitors from the Sorrento Peninsula to the Blue Island, you may risk not finding a seat on the ship.

It is therefore advisable to make a reservation by purchasing the ticket online and to always show up at the boarding gate at least an hour before departure.

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What’s the ticket’s price to Capri from Sorrento cost?

The price of a one-way boat ticket from Sorrento to Capri varies depending on the company and period and ranges from 20 to 22€. If you are visiting the island in a single day, it is advisable to purchase a round-trip ticket

How long does it take between Capri and Sorrento

These two locations in the Gulf of Naples are very close each other. In fact, Capri is only 9 nautical miles from Sorrento, which is equivalent to about 16 km.

The travel time is therefore relatively short. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes to reach Capri, depending on sea conditions

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Is a day trip to Capri worth it?

Yes, even if you only have one day to visit Capri, you can’t miss a day on the island, either with a simple boat ride or a visit to some attractions that you absolutely can’t miss

How do you spend a day at Capri?

These are for us the most interesting things to do in a single day in Capri:

  1. Grotta Azzurra: This is one of the most iconic places on Capri. The cave is accessible only by boat and the entrance is very narrow, but once inside you can admire a crystal clear sea and a bright blue light that seems to come from the bottom of the cave.
  2. Piazzetta: This is Capri’s main square and is a perfect place to take a walk or sit at the bar and enjoy the view. The square is surrounded by high-fashion stores, restaurants, and cafes, and it is the ideal place to see and be seen.
  3. Villa San Michele: a house-museum located north of Capri. It was built by Swedish writer Axel Munthe in 1910 and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Naples and of nearby islands. The villa also houses an extensive collection of Roman antiquities.
  4. Faraglioni: three imposing costal rock formation emerging from the sea that have become a symbol of the island of Capri. You can admire them from the top of the hill or by boat during a tour of the island.
  5. Via Krupp is a scenic road that connects the Piazzetta to the beach of Marina Piccola. The road was built overlooking the sea and offers a spectacular view of the coast and the Faraglioni.
  6. Monte Solaro is the highest mountain of Capri and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the island and the surrounding sea. You can reach the top on foot or by chairlift arriving in Anacapri.
  7. Marina Grande Beach is Capri’s main beach and is easily accessible from the port. The beach is very busy during the summer, but it offers an excellent opportunity for swimming and relaxing in the sun.

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