Ciao everyone!

As it is nearing the end of my semester here in Sorrento, I wanted to share some of my favorite places around the charming town.

I had such a hard time choosing these considering I’ve never had any negative experiences anywhere in Sorrento, it’s all so lovely, but this is what I’ve decided on! 

Sip and Chat at Orbit

Orbit is my favorite place to go for a coffee or matcha!

My friends and I all love to go here and chat with the owners Roberta and Lorenzo. It’s the very first bubble tea coffee shop in Sorrento, and they just opened in August.

While iced drinks and iced coffee is not traditional here in Italy, it’s slowly being introduced, and Orbit has taken the first step in Sorrento!

The upstairs seating area is the perfect place to chat with friends or get homework done.
My go to: Iced latte with vanilla

Wooden Wonders at Intarsio Sorrentino Maione

Intarsio Sorrentino Maione is an adorable shop of wood worked souvenirs.

I stumbled upon it one evening in early September and have loved it ever since.

What originally drew me in was Kiko, a charming black and white cat that was laying down by the entrance, greeting customers who’d stop by.

When I made it inside of the shop, I was in shock at how beautiful the pieces were.

Lining all of the shelves were beautiful wooden boxes, a lot of them being music boxes, all with different images on the tops.

The shop owner, Tony, was so kind and when I picked out my box, he gifted me a unique wooden bookmark to go along with it.

I regularly stop by and visit with Kiko whenever I can and will miss this shop the most when I leave Sorrento.

Cuore di Pane - When Tradition Meets Delight

There’s nothing that brings people closer together than good food and a charming place, and this market has both of those qualities going for it.

It’s a short walk from Sant’Anna and the staff are all so lovely, including Sofia, the orange cat that hangs around there.

We visit here weekly for Wine Wednesday, one of my favorite traditions.

The scenery surrounding the market is beautiful as it’s in a more secluded area, but still relatively close to everything.

My friends and I’s go-to for Wine Wednesday: Loaf of fresh ciabatta, plate of brie, plate of goat cheese, plate of mozzarella, and wine.

Pizzeria da Franco: A Slice of Sorrento Heaven

I went to Pizzeria Da Franco during my very first week here in Sorrento and can confidently say it was my favorite pizza then and it’s still my favorite pizza now.

The atmosphere is so fun and inviting, the staff are always welcoming, and the food is phenomenal.

It’s conveniently open throughout the night until 6am and makes for the best late night snack

My go-to: Contadina (sausage and peppers) with tomato sauce, and a cannoli!

Raki Gelato: a Sweet Symphony in Sorrento

Raki gelato is the perfect place for a sweet treat, and you cannot go wrong with any flavor you choose.

My friends and I typically visit once a week, sometimes twice, for a dessert after dinner.

It’s a perfect way to end any night and your meal always feels complete!
My go-to: 2 scoops of nocciola in a cone!

Sorrento's Enchanting Marina Grande View

From sunrise to sunset, even throughout the night, Marina Grande is picture perfect and magical.

At nightime, stars decorate the sky and shine down on the colorful hotels that adorn the skyline.

I often find myself staring aimlessly out of my window, unable to believe that my view is really my view.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of it, each time I look out I find a new piece of Marina Grande to obsess over, which is why it’s my favorite view in Sorrento.