Piazza della Vittoria, stands out among Sorrento’s most beautiful squares, thanks to its breathtaking panorama.

The square is located midway between Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, the two beaches of Sorrento.

It is a favored spot for locals and tourists alike, offering various small gardens for relaxation and a stunning view.

Here, a marvelous terrace overlooking the sea opens up, providing views of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Especially at sunset, it becomes a joy for the soul.

Piazza della Vittoria Sorrento Monument to the fallen

In the center of the square, the Monument to the Sorrentine Fallen of the First World War stands majestically, created by the Calabrian sculptor Francesco Jerace in 1926.

The columnar sculpture depicts the Allegory of Victory, dressed in ancient attire and posed energetically.

Crafted entirely in white marble, the sculptural group is set on a cruciform base adorned with four volutes, decorated with floral motifs and lion heads with wide-open mouths, joining together to form a pedestal.

On this pedestal rest both the winged victory and the column bearing the names of the fallen on its sides and rear faces.

At the top, the shaft is adorned with four crowns of oak, while a marble brazier with a bronze torch is placed on the summit.